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June 17, 2016

Dear Valued Patient,

As you may have heard by now, my 748 Main Street office had a pipe burst and the office has been badly damaged. The flood destroyed my dental lab and our ability to properly care for patients in that location. We are working through the process of returning to active patient care. The damage, while cleaned up, will take time to rebuild and the damaged dental lab is integral to what we do. The 748 Main Street office will remain closed for the weeks to come.

I have temporarily secured a lease of office space in Thomaston, Maine. I understand for many this will mean additional travel to come and see me for appointments. I apologize with deepest sincerity for this unforeseen complication to your care. We will be calling all patients who have continuing care needs to make arrangements to see you to the best of our ability. For some treatment needs will work to assist you with appropriate referrals to other dental providers where it is in your best interest to seek care elsewhere. We hope this will be a short term option but foresee the entire month of July and possibly August being spent in Thomaston.

During this time we will not be starting any new denture cases or taking on new denture patients except in those urgent care situations where repairs are needed as our temporary lab allows. For those patients receiving this letter who were expecting us to start new denture cases, we understand the desire to start care with another provider and although we will miss the opportunity to work with you. We feel it is inappropriate to start additional care for anyone while we are in this state of flux and must focus the time we have available on the patients with continued care needs. Office staff will be attending to messages left on our voicemail and a phone forwarding situation will be worked out to ensure our existing patients can get in touch with us.

When life places a wall in our path, we have two choices... we can beat our heads against it, or we can figure a way to get around it. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive staff who will work diligently to ensure we find a way through this adversity with grace. I believe when Denture Designs returns to its full capacity we will be stronger than before because of their efforts. I appreciate your trust in my ability to care for you, I will not abandon you with your care but I must ask for your patience while we figure out the details of our continued patient care options.

My Thanks,

Kathryn A. Young, L.D.

Our temporary office is located at 165 Main St (US Rt. 1) Thomaston
We'll be back in the Damariscotta area as soon as possible!

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