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Below are the 5 basic appointments needed to fabricate a new denture, and what to expect at each visit!

1. Your first appointment is a consultation. It is a time to sit for a moment and get acquainted with one another. There is no pressure and you are under no obligations. It is a time to discuss if new dentures are needed or if there are other options for you. IF you decide to start making new dentures this day, we will take impressions of your mouth for your new dentures. From these impressions we make models to prepare for step two. On these models we will fabricate special trays that fit only your mouth. It is approximately a 45-minute appointment.

2. At your second visit, we will use our special trays that we made to take what we call final impressions. These impressions will be the fit of your top denture to the roof of your mouth and the fit of your lower denture to the bottom jaw. It is approximately a 45-minute appointment.

3. At step three we will place the wax rims in your mouth and obtain measurements for the fit of your top denture to your bottom denture (or natural teeth). This is important so you can chew properly! It is a crucial appointment as we will be locating the balance of your Temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ). The teeth to be used in your new dentures will be selected at this time. We involve you in the decisions regarding the size, shape and color of your new teeth. It is important to give us an idea of what you want the appearance of your smile to be. This appointment can take as long as an hour or more.

4. The fourth appointment is one of the most important for you to be an active part of. We will set up your new teeth in wax, which allows you the opportunity to see them while they can still be changed! This is what we call the try-in appointment. This is the time for you to view the size, shape, color and general appearance of your new smile. It also allows us to check the balance of your new denture(s) and make changes if necessary. If you have a best friend or spouse who will be looking at your smile a lot and who will be full of opinions when you go home with your new dentures, bring them with you! At this time you can tell us about any little changes you want to make to your denture. This is important to help us build the smile you desire. By telling us what you want we can do our best to create it for you. Most people are out of the office in less than 45 minutes.

5. This is the day you go home with your new smile but it is the beginning, not the end. Many people have been wearing the same set of dentures for more than 5 years, some often more than 20 years! It takes time to become accustomed to eating with your new teeth and patience is a virtue. We are here to help you and encourage people to call if there are any problems or questions that arise. Follow-up adjustments are included for six months if they are needed as is our guidance and our help; all you have to do is ask.

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