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Immediate Dentures


- What is an Immediate Denture?
A denture placed the day teeth are removed.

- Will I have to go without teeth?
No, the concept of an immediate denture is to place it at the time of surgery.

- How will I know what they will look like?
We will fabricate models of your mouth and talk about this together.

- How many times will I need to come to the office?
About a dozen, two- four to make the denture, the rest are important follow ups.

- How long will they fit?

This change for each person, as you heal you will also change, it is inevitable.

- What about the surgery to remove my teeth?
This is done in the office of a dentist you chose, Kathryn does not remove teeth.

- Why do I need to reline my new denture?
Definitely. The changes in the shape of your mouth will happen for 6 - 12 months.

- Why is the cost different?

Immediate dentures have a number of included follow up visits?


- Why make two? Will I really change that much?
Some people have dramatic changes in the size of the gums and bone that support their denture which necessitate changing the position of the teeth in the denture. Also, to accommodate how we want them to look, and how much space there is for the teeth, we often make the teeth thinner than we ideally want for long term wear. We will discuss this at your planning visit.  It is also nice to have a back up denture!

So many questions, so many possible answers. Immediate dentures are one of the things in dentistry that changes for every person. Only the basic idea remains the same. Every person is different and so is every treatment plan. To explain every options available we would need to write you a book. You don't want a dental lesson- you came to us for a new smile. Our goal is to do all that we can to make this process as uncomplicated and as successful as possible. The purpose of this page is to answer some of the most common questions we have heard, it doesn't cover them all. We hope you remember when you come up with questions of your own, ASK. It is the only way we will be able to answer.

Immediate dentures are made for people who still have teeth in the area where a denture is to be placed. These teeth must be in the unfortunate position where modern dentistry can't repair the teeth or it is just too expensive. The objective of an immediate denture is to make it so that you need never be without teeth. To accomplish this we take impressions of your mouth while teeth are still there. We work hard to get the denture made so that the day your teeth are extracted by a dentist your denture is put right in. This way you never have to walk around without teeth.

When a traditional denture is made, we go through a  four or five step process and it takes 5 or 6 office visits, immediate dentures are a little different. Both traditional dentures and immediate dentures need to have the impressions done; this is the first step. The second step is to find where your teeth should contact each other when you eat. With immediate dentures, if you have a lot of teeth left this can often be accomplished at the first appointment, if not a second appointment will be scheduled after 3 or 4 days. The biggest difference between immediate dentures and traditional dentures is step three. The third step is when people who have already had their teeth extracted have the opportunity to "try -in" their dentures to look at the size, shape, color and general appearance of the denture. With immediate dentures this step is sacrificed, we cannot try in a denture with the teeth still there. This should not be a large problem as we work hard to make sure the denture is fabricated well and we will discuss your hope for the esthetics of your new smile.

Getting ready for your extractions and your new denture should be easy but when you go home and try and eat that first meal you will need patience. Balancing dinner on an immediate denture is a challenge for a while. Soft foods that have a good deal of nutritional value will be important. Try to do shopping for things you will be able to eat before having extractions; it will make life easier later.

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